Computer Love- An Introspective Look At Male Female Relationships On The Internet

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Today, I will be speaking on a subject that on some level, I would say at least 90% of individuals here reading this were attracted to the web with in varying degrees, and that subject,
Computer Love, or Lust, or whatever terms suits you best.

I will leave all of the psycho babel to the experts, and simply speak from a quiet observation view point, as this is a subject that has intrigued me since the inception of the Internet as a communication tool as well as the sky rocketing popularity of the social networking phenomenon.

Interestingly enough, it is a bit of a catch 22, as a web business owner and operator for the past 6 years. in the area of non business, personal relationships, I would have to be in the category of one of the most out of the loop, yet I have always believed that its that way for a very valuable reason that will reveal itself at some point.

When speaking to individuals about their views on this subject or listening in on complaints expressed, I think the whole scenario can be summed up in one simple, yet extremely relevant word….


I have even seen T.V. shows as well as Internet features, which state that it is almost an assumed norm for individuals to fabricate details about themselves on online dating and other open to the public social networks, to the point where it has become a commonly accepted norm which leads individuals to come pre equipped to expect less than what was communicated on the computer screen.

That is in cases where individuals DO meet in person, yet most of the sites do advise women to always meet in a public place, and some even advocate bringing someone along for the encounter.

What I tend to do, is compare and contrast the behaviors on male female attraction and interest online vs. real life. the most interesting thing to note is at this point in technological advances, the two are almost nearly identical in most cases, as individuals in real life are connected to the internet through the uses of mobile devices. Typically, due to my own life experiences on a personal level as well as the business of providing entertainment which puts strangers in the same physical surroundings, the scenario works like this

Real Life
John expresses interest in Jane, and attempts to communicate using various methods, including body language, small talk, or third party introduction. Jane makes decision as to whether or not John is to her liking or benefit, and decides whether or not to respond to advances, and to what degree if any. So and ans so forth

On The Web
John expresses interest in Jane, and attempts to communicate using various methods, including messages, offerings, and other forms of attention that express an interest. Jane makes decision as to whether or not John is to her liking or benefit, and decides whether or not to respond to advances, and to what degree if any.

The two closely resemble each other, until we bring in a few dynamics which I tend to observe continuously. In the field of social networking, JANE is the center of her own universe and is saturated by various requests from Johns expressing an interest. Jane responds which ever way she sees fit.

John then notices that he and others of the like gender are in a competition for the affections of Jane, and after time, realize that Jane is only interested in receiving attention and praise to assist in her own desire to feel desirable.

In real life, when John expresses an interest in Jane, he usually does so expecting some form of reciprocation , and the odds of receiving it are based on varying factors.

There is actually, or perhaps WAS actually, an online company with a name that actually simplifies this scenario, and it was quite popular with a few women that I know personally, in REAL LIFE.
The name of the business?

Of course this is only a small example and does not apply to all, yet it has significance because this brand has been in existence before the popularity and now normalcy of social networking, and I consider it as on of the actual sparks which spawned to much of the online dating culture and behavior that we see today, so consider it a valuable history lesson, as the story gets even deeper.

The sex attraction urge for humans, tends to run very deep, and from what I see, it has created an imbalance where many of the guys wind up feeling short changed through affinity expression for the ladies, some of which are in fact using other women’s images in an attempt to draw some attention to themselves in place of their own images. I actually warned of the consequences long ago, yet as it sometimes happens, my input was not accepted as credible.

Now I am forced to have to introduce various individuals to a stereotypical character which plays the part and communicates the message effectively.

Craigslist Killing

The Alleged Craigslist Killer.

As I stated before, no real in depth psycho babel for today’s entry, yet this would indicate that there are some extremely pertinent mental emotional issues and trend results  that should not be left un noticed and unresolved by experts in this field.

Whether or not, its the guys, with a lack of social skills, or the girls with a chronic addiction to attention and praise, this scenario is being played out on a continuous basis on the Internet in varying degrees. I am concern with the fact that proves  that actual life stems from functional male female relationships, unless in cases of artificial insemination which has also grown in popularity.Call it sexual intercourse if you will, which require  that the party at some point co exist in the same space for a certain amount of time.

Keeping it simple at the end, I believe it will all point back to an
absence of honesty and authenticity, and the Internet has become a prime  lure for individuals who struggle with this type of behavior.

I actually prefer things to flow like the images below,
but to each his/her own.


Written By
R. Branch
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin