Roxy Enters The Picture

This entry is just a log of my daily adventures getting back to the duty of  Building Bridges & Not Walls that was discussed in one of yesterdays entries.

While out and about at the mall before the Lakers vs. Suns game, I had the chance to meet this young lady named Roxy with an extra interesting story to tell.

The story made short for today is that she actually helped me conduct research experiments here at as we tested out the technologies on her slick myTouch T-Mobile smart phone.

The conversation then went on to include each of our plans for the future and her story of how she believes that she is destined to be famous.

I believe that the big picture is coming together as individuals who have the willingness and ability to evolve, so lets look at what her perspective is and see where we go from here.

Life is going to throw crazy situations at you. people are going to go thru difficult times but you gotta learn how to deal & take responsibility for your actions grow up & quit the bull shit. Everything you go thru only makes you stronger & wiser. How can you learn how to be who you are & want out of life if u don’t experience hard times. The more difficult your life is the better you will b later wen all that passes & the happier you’ll b. Just strive for success in everything & anything you do. When you set your mind to something complete it & do 100 % hard work Will pay off I’n the end. ..

A similar perspective to consider.

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    i belive the more challenges u have through out ur journey in this worl trying to get somewere the better life will b in the end. life is never easy if it was easy then people would not appreciate wat they have acomplished in life. to get somewer always strive for sucsses. sucsses will not come to u unless u go looking for it. putting urself out there for thhe orl to see. procrastenaters wil never get anywere. you see those homless people everywere well those people arnt looking at the biger picture ahead in there future they are soo stuck on the situation they are in that its hard for them to move forward and go on with life. ive been homless & never did i stand in a corner asking for money. its not the way to do things. there is always so many types of resourses ouut there that u can put to use in order to put yourself together. in every challenge you go thru learn and only take wat is goin to help u. leave behinde all the bad stuff never hold it in its nnot good it only brings u down…. if bad things hapen its for a reason . rember wat dosnt kill u makes u stronger. if something hapens take it as a leason learned make different dessicions & move on.pput aside all that & life is full of adventures,wounders & surprices .. take life by the horns & u deside were ur life is gonna go. for me im gonna do GREAT THINGS … im gonna become famouse & help lots of people. dont ever let anyone step all over u or put u down u are u. be yourself alwaays & if people dont like it well too bad adds more haters to ur list ;) – roxy