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Sal Masekela from 'E!' Channel Daily 10 Countdown & PH Staff

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Due to the recent upgrades on the worlds most popular social media websites, in order to bring about an an even greater good life effect, it has fallen on our shoulders to assist you in making your dreams an actual reality, so for the upcoming year, we will be offering services that will allow you to make the most good out of your online and offline social networking experience.

The header image for this post features the homie Sal Masekela from the ‘E!’ Channel Daily 10 show along with Staff Members, and while there are quite a few full fledged and upcoming stars here in Hollywood, the insiders of the city agree that there is in fact plenty of room for even more, so with the growing sentiment that indicates that “Going Hollywood” is in fact

New Facebook "Lifestyles" Profile - December 2010

what new media was made for and judging by the picture gallery displays from all over the planet, you can rest assured that if you have star potentitial, you would be advised to show us what you’ve got and all we ask of you in exchange is that you consider us and mention our names when you sign your very first autograph.

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