Inadequacy – Is There A Hole In Your Soul?

  • Add starRemove star in·ad·e·quate Adjective   /inˈadikwÉ™t/ listen
    • Lacking the quality or quantity required; insufficient for a purpose
      • these labels prove to be wholly inadequate
      • inadequate funding
    • (of a person) Unable to deal with a situation or with life
      • a sad, solitary, inadequate man
      • I felt like a fraud,inadequate tothe task

Source: Google Dictionary

Week #6 of 2011 and yet another Tuesday Newsday in short yet precise and accurate form with a major shout out going to for their intelligent decision to make the actual definition of terms available on the top of each search query result with their own online dictionary, saving me the valuable time of having to go to one of the the listed websites to obtain that same definition.The image above reflects a new emerging online market which we could call reverse psychology motivational quotes, which interestingly enough appear to be becoming closer to the norm than the normal direction motivational quotes that many of us are familiar with.

With that out of the way, today’s subject of discussion is as the title reads.

Inadequacy – Is There A Hole In Your Soul?

As it is often said, it is what it is, and it’s for who it’s for and keeping with the tradition of offering authentic thought and emotion provoking conversation, we can simply have each of us ask our own questions of ourselves and provide our own answers then jump straight to the good part which is available below on behalf of yours truly and our staff members.

The Solution-

Like Issac On The Love Boat, PH Staff Has You Covered!

While putting others down in an attempt to build ourselves up is not in the script, pouring out a little drink into the cups of those who have a thirst which is not being quenched with thumbs up “like” responses and comments on online social media websites or a lack thereof, done in the name of reminding ourselves that we are already up and in an excellent position and condition to assist others who may have a desire to also be as such is the simply the Lifestyle Magazine way!

She's Got Both Talent & A Solid Management Team Behind Her.

In closing, have you seen her? Many know her by her stage name, popularly known as “LIBERTY”, who continuously gets the job done in the name of keeping us and our valued guests adequately entertained.

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