HUSTLE BUNNY MONEY – A Closer Look At The Bikini Barista Movement Starring Nessa Barnes


Nessa Barnes

Medicinal Hands Heal
Owner · Seattle, Washington · 1 May 2014 to present
Cannabis massage therapy treatment room. Healing through cannabis infused Oil treatment to muscles. Migrate cannabis infused oil treatment. All treatment for ailments is done through medicinal salve, lotions, and oils.


Moral Of The Story (Solution)

We are fully focused on what we do like to see, which is Nessa, on her job/hustle, 25 hours a day, and 8 days a week!

Nothing much else needs to be said on this matter, other than to state and act upon our personal belief here at Your Friendly Neighborhood, that there should be a socially conscious online publication that is more enthusiastically focused on and thoroughly dedicated to this emerging movement that is sweeping across the galaxy, but for now, lets just look at the pictures and let it be the great thing that it is, which is yet another highly exciting, mentally enlightening perspective to consider.