PORNSTARS THAT SMOKE KUSH!!! – A “P” True Hollywood Story Starring Julie Kay


Julie Kay

Twitter: @JulieKayXXX
New XXX star /99 problems and they can all be cured with dank weed and rough sex / IG: _yuliee / Contact and PayPal:


Good to be home

Moral Of The Story (Solution)

Ok, lets see here.

Yes indeed, in 2015 the girlies all over the world of all shapes, sizes, and colors are most definitely “putting on a show” taking the business of show to a whole nuther paradigm, and harnessing the full power of social media and digital technology in the process, and with that said, we just decided to focus in on some local talent homegrown girlies and dedicate our resources to helping her to tell/sell her show and story, which in Julie’s case, is quite an interesting one to say the least, as well as a true one, what we can consider as another “P” True Hollywood Story!


Check out all of her social connects at the links above, and see/know for yourself!