Nice to see you again

Those of you who have followed Pimphop long enough, might remember that I used to have a column on this site called `Marcia`s Room`. This was way back, even before blogging became a thing, so I won`t hold it against you if you don`t remember. As a quick reminder, this column was about my life as a model. I have given up on modeling years ago, which is why I quit the column as well.

However, recently I found a reason to start blogging again. I started an Instagram account, which is getting bigger and I am even starting to get collaborations. This all started when I finished writing my first novel, called `The dealer who pays taxes`.

Friends recommended that I`d promote the book on social media and, since it is an eBook, this made sense to me. That`s when I created my first Instagram account. It wasn`t easy to get started, but after some time and effort, the engagement finally started picking up. I`m nowhere near where I want to be yet, but I will give you a small look into how I got started and how I will grow going forward.

Stay tuned if you want to hear all the confessions of an influencer.


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