There goes nothing

This was it. The moment that I had been waiting for. During two months I had already gotten almost a hundred followers on Instagram without even posting a single picture or following anyone myself. It looked very promising.

I just wanted to wait until I released my book to share the first picture. Obviously that would have to be the cover. Surely there would be people who`d like it. The cover is a picture of me from behind, so that should be much more interesting than a picture of an aeropress coffeemaker. My flatmate shared a picture of that and got about a hundred likes for it. This made me challenge him that within a month of Instagramming, I`d have more followers than he`d have. The loser had to take the winner out for a meal. He agreed, although not so confidently.

My influencer friend, who already had more than 50k followers helped me prepare. We went out and took pictures with her professional camera. The places I chose were all places that were mentioned in my book, so I would have a clear theme and would be able to promote the book at the same time. There was no losing this bet, so full of hope I uploaded my first few pictures.

Unfortunately it didn`t work out as I planned. The picture of me in the infinity pool overlooking Malta, the one of me on the terrace of the fastfood place that had an important part in the book and the picture of me in a boat at the bar that was the setting of a scene in my book; none of them got more than 30 likes.

There was one picture that stood out though. It was one of me before surfing, it got much more response than the others. Problem was that it was completely out of context as it had nothing to do with my book. This made me think about changing my strategy. Before I started everybody said that I needed a clear theme to get a loyal follower base and I chose the easiest one. Maybe I should change the theme, but I had no idea what I could change to. My flatmate said to start slowly and first use other hashtags, he said #bookstagram or #onlinecasino were not as popular as the hashtags he used, like #biohacker and #fitboy. Next time I would post a picture, he`d help me and we would definitely see a difference, he said.

Stay tuned if you want to hear more confessions of an influencer.


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