Might as well promote on Instagram

As you read in my last blog post, I had just started to use Instagram and it wasn`t going too well. My flatmate offered to help me by suggesting new and more interesting hashtags to use, but it didn`t make that much of a difference. I decided that it was time to bring out the big guns.

By that, I meant that I would start using the pictures that I had made to promote my book. For the book cover and the promotional material that I would send to magazines who`d promote it, I hired a professional photographer to get the pictures exactly the way I wanted them too. Also, he wouldn`t be able to use them for himself as these had to be exclusive. I was confident that at least Dutch magazines would be eager to publish them. Not only had I already been featured in most of them when I was modeling, they needed content and I was handing it to them for free. Sounds too good to refuse, right?

Well, guess again. Most of the magazines never replied and one that did said that I wasn`t newsworthy enough anymore. I surely sent an e-mail to at least a hundred (online) magazines and got only 5 or 6 interviews. This was a serious reality check for me. Not only was my Instagram account not picking up, I couldn`t even get into the media anymore. Sure that the pictures were good enough, I decided I should start using them on my Instagram. My Instagram and pictures weren`t giving me the result that I wanted separately, maybe bringing them together would be the answer.

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It did work, I got more likes and comments after using the one picture that I had been saving for the right magazine. However, as many followers as I would gain per post, it seemed like I had lost even more at the end of each day. Not really knowing what to do, I decided to let it go for a while.

Meanwhile everybody was noticing my activity on the platform and a colleague of mine started talking to me about it. He told me to buy followers because I should `go all in or not do it at all`. According to him, the only way to quickly get followers was to buy them. He made it sound like it was the most normal thing to do. However I refused to do that. Why would I pay for something that was free for everybody? I simply wasn`t prepared to do that. But how else would I manage?

Stay tuned if you want to hear more confessions of an influencer.


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