Sweet trip down memory lane

My professional pictures did bring some results, but still not enough. My follower count was still way below my flatmate`s and I wasn`t prepared to start following many people just to get followers. It seemed to me like the result in the end would be zero. If you follow 200 people and 201 people follow you, you basically have only one `fan`. This would never make you an influencer. I needed that to be able to promote and sell my book, since the media wasn`t too keen on promoting it. Also, I wanted to win the bet that I had made with my flatmate about who`d have more followers at the end of the month. I still had one trick up my sleeve.

Using pictures of me that had been published in magazines, back when I was a model. These pictures were way more revealing than any picture I would make with my friends. Maybe that would give my Instagram account the boost that it needed.

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Unfortunately I saw no result. On the contrary, people I knew were telling me that these pictures were taking it a little too far. I had never imagined that. To me these were just ordinary pictures that had been printed in magazines and I had no shame in showing them to the rest of the world. I had just forgotten that I wasn`t living in the Netherlands anymore. Now I was living in Malta and people here might think differently about these things than I do. Even though I rarely interact with Maltese people.

I just always figured that people from northern countries were as liberal as the Dutch people. In fact, I thought the farther north, the more liberal they became. Now I learned that this only goes for certain things. Bikini pictures isn`t one of them.

As this idea backfired, I didn`t know what to do anymore to get a nice following. A few people told me to start liking and commenting other people`s posts, but somehow I never knew what to comment. I started to think that this Instagram thing was not for me and that I should find another way to promote my book. Maybe take some days off and send e-mails to every blog and magazine I could find. All hope was not yet lost.

Stay tuned if you want to hear more confessions of an influencer.


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