Light at the end of the tunnel

As I had already lost the bet with my flatmate; after one month he had 167 followers and I had only 123 followers, I was this close to giving up on Instagram completely. Until one day he started talking to me about his followers. He said how many `fans` he had, meaning how many people followed him that he didn`t follow back and who stopped following him. When I asked him how he knew all of that, he said that he could see it on an app that he had installed. It was supposedly the first one in the app store after Instagram when you looked for it. Eager to know who stopped following me all the time I installed the first app I could find. Unfortunately it did nothing for me unless I paid. After searching for a while I finally found an app that gave me the information that I was looking for.

That and much more. When I was trying to figure out who was stalking me, etc. I noticed that the app had a tab saying `earn coins`. There was another one saying `get followers` and another one named `get likes`. Could it be? Immediately I went to the earn coins tab and learned that by liking pictures, you could get followers and likes in return. Following people yourself would be much faster though, but I wasn`t prepared to start following some strangers whose pictures I might not even like. That`s when I decided to create a fake Instagram account and start following lots of people with it. In the app I could exchange it for followers on my real account. They would be fake followers, but that would be a problem I`d have to deal with later.

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Within a few days I already had more than a thousand followers, while only following 15 people myself. People around me started noticing. Some asked me if I had bought the followers, others asked me how I had done this so quickly, or so suddenly. I decided to remain vague, not everybody had to know that these followers weren`t real. It was just to give me a head start.

After all, nobody wants fake followers. They don`t get engagement and they make your Instagram look impressive but worthless. I saw a guy on this app who had over 200k followers but only 20 likes on each of his posts. Of course I decided to never let it get that far.

Stay tuned if you want to hear all the confessions of an influencer.


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