AND SHE’S GREAT IN BED TOO!!! – Rewarding Her Behavior (Part 2) Starring Sophie Germano




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Nobody puts baby in the corner

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Moral Of The Story (Out Of Know Way Comes A Better Way)


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Let’s be rational…

The opposite of dis-ease and complication is ease and simplicity, so in the name of a more simple and easy new and improved approach to social interactions on Planet Earth, we hold these following truths to be self evident.   

Sofie in her own mind, body, and soul, holds the notion that she is great <>embed</> (in bed), as well as in many other situations and places, and Her Behavior, which she is the owner of as a brand, is showing and proving it to the world audience, with the reward for Her Behavior being reassurance, confirmation, and an official endorsement from Mighty Mighty Life Experience Magazine for the sake of an increase in her own self confidence and self worth.


Show em’ how it done Sophie!



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