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Ayvee Verzonilla -

T.G.I.F. (Thank God It’s Freeday)
Today we will begin with a follow up to yesterdays closing statements listed Monday through Friday on our social media profile outlets.
August 11, 2011 Closing Statements

“I’m Looking at ways to ensure that everyone gets their proper credit & attention as I can see that this Social Media thing needs to be put together in better & proper order, so I will be in the files studying, yet most likely, some female will show up with a more simple answer. It happens for me quite often like that. Stay Tuned”. RB

As a result of paying close attention to detail, I notice an interesting pattern that has developed which shows to be yet another demonstration of natural order and flow. As I look quite frequently at images and galleries that women post for me & others to see, I do tend to notice that while other people viewing the images may offer their opinions and thumbs up like clicks, I seldom if ever, see the person give a thumbs up like click and/or positive comment to herself to begin with, yet when I implement my natural tendency to help spread the seen/heard by utilizing the share application button on Facebook, the individual who is providing the images and/or words actually proceeds to click the like button and sometimes the share button underneath the post when it becomes visible on the newsfeed list.

Does YOUR Image Belong HERE?

As often stated yet rarely embraced effectively, it is best for an individual to like themselves before expecting others to follow suit, yet it seems that an outside source is often needed to help initiate the process as perhaps we tend to be socialized to believe that liking ones own self  first and offering positive commentary about ones self to ones self is vain and snobbish, and while a whole book series can be written which explains why this notion is actually contradictory to what is true and effective, the simple approach that has been enacted is the one that we will stick to for now, so on my personal Facebook Page as well as the
PH Staff Page
, we will be focusing on aiding individuals in

sending words and images from select individuals through the newsfeeds, creating galleries to be featured on these pages, and utilizing the Image Tag feature, which allows images from individuals to be displayed on the introduction gallery on the top of the page, which is said to have been developed to help users, better show and  tell their own life story.

A script that has you written in to win!
Now what could be better than that?

On with the show.