Ayvee Verzonilla Adventures – Mad Decent Block Party Pimpin' With Skerrit Bwoy & Major Lazer


Ayvee & Skerritt Bwoy @ Mad Decent Block Party - Los Angeles

T.G.I.M. (Thank God It’s Monday)!
This week begins with some inspiring news to report regarding the weekends proceedings with Ayvee, setting the ‘Helping You To Like You’ – PH Social Media Solutions initiatives in motion.


Ayvee Verzonilla
Saturday Sent from Mobile
Ayvee Verzonilla

Dope !! See u doin ya research !! ;))) bout to hit this mad decent block party my homie Skerrit Bwoy record label shutting down la for , they headline at 6pm 4 a day event on the way now bless up
Rylan Branch
Rylan Branch
roger that. be sure to get some footage. can do a write up and offer publicity. most important thing=have fun. RB

– Mission Feedback via Ayvee Verzonilla


In the video clip above with intro tunes from Choko, we can observe what is known as a Gator Floss Demonstration provided by Skerrit Bwoy of Major Lazer to ensure that we are meeting Official Pimpin Standards, and below is where we can observe some still footage that indicates what we all may have missed leaving us with a sure motivation to stay tuned for the next episode.

In closing for those few individuals who are not as of yet “up on things”, we as usual invite you to conduct your own research regarding the Major Lazer Intergalactic Movement and the Mad Decent Collective and note that a select few have found the above mentioned select sound productions as effective inspiration for “Gettin’ Paper“.

Stay Tuned.

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