Twit Change – Donate To Charity And Score A Celebrity Twitter Follower!

Wise Ones Say That "EVERYTHING" Happens For A Reason! What Do You Say?

This just in. I have been seeing these notes flash on celebrity Twitter accounts for most of the day and yesterday, and have finally come to the conclusion of what it is all about.

The name of the initiative is Twit Change, and simply put, the deal is to bid on a celebrity, donate to a select list of charities, and gain a Celebrity Follower on Twitter. You may even receive a mention or what is known as a re tweet.

Eve Longoria? That’s whats on top of whats up!

Next thing you know, will show up and get in the mix by having one of your favorite celebrities donate to a charity of choice, and in exchange receive honorable mention and perhaps an exclusive, highly coveted user profile at
The Electric Sky Church.. A.K.A. Lifestyle Magazine.

What You See Is What You Get!

A different perspective to consider.