Follow Charlie Sheen On Twitter, But Where Is He Headed?

Charlie Sheen to pitch products on Twitter, sets Guinness world record

March 03, 2011|By Nathan Olivarez-Giles | Los Angeles Times Staff Writer

Charlie Sheen has a new job: He’s been hired to pitch products on Twitter.

Just a day after starting up a Twitter account Tuesday afternoon, Sheen had amassed more than 910,000 followers the micro-blogging site, landing his user account among the fastest-growing the website has ever had.

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This again is just my own personal opinion for those who are interested in knowing, coming from the perspective of somewhat of a computer guy with logical and rational thought tendencies and a unique interest in the inner workings of this thing called The Internet and the individuals who utilize it.

Keeping it short and sweet, we have been hearing much about the concept of inner demons in regards to the types of behaviors that we are witnessing from the likes of Charlie Sheen and others who appear to be fighting battles with addition and other mental and emotional issues according to mental health professionals such as the likes of Dr. Drew.

If such a concepts do have some kind of validity, and the language of Twitter states that individuals lead and follow others, in your honest opinion, what or where would the final destination be for those with said described inner demons as well as those who follow?

In closing, looking at the bright side, we can conclude that perhaps the over abundant and increasing population of the bad place (H**L) actually adds tremendous value to the good place (HE*V*N) at the opposite end of the spectrum.

“I have a 10,000 year old brain, and the boogers of a 7 year old!”
– Chalie Sheen – Peirs Morgan Interview

On with the show!

A different perspective to consider.