PH Paris Hilton Bentley Continental

Sometimes  its good to take a step back, in order to have a more clear focus on the future, and due to an occurrence with a female friend of mine, the classic Bentley Continental was brought to my attention.

After doing some research on the vehicle , and viewing images, I came across a Bentley Continental that was actually introduced to the world in 2008 by Paris Hilton and West Coast Customs auto detail shop known as the PH Bentley

which was actually featured on her reality show.

The general buzz surrounding the vehicle was actually lukewarm, and I believe it was simply due to popular opinion regarding Paris,with the perception of the concept being a waste of money, and an insult to the vehicle and its status as a luxury brand.

Of course, what primarily attracted me to the concept is the actual symbol which is featured on the hood, which just happens to also be the initials of the name of the online publication that you are now visiting.

There is just something about the appeal of diamonds that is irresistible, and it actually shows how creativity can evolve to the point where style concepts
which originated in “THE HOOD” can be applied to traditional status symbols and add value and appeal.

For the auto enthusiast that are familiar with Bentley motor vehicles standards, the traditional custom applications come from a company known as Mulliner.

Mulliner offers personal commissioning coachbuilding services to Bentley customers in the creation of unique handcrafted solutions for their vehicles.

We all have our preferences, yet I know for certain, the West Coast Customs, a home grown, grass roots company based here in Southern California , brought a new attitude to the whole genre of customizing vehicles, as seen on the past popular hit series Pimp My Ride, and added the Celebrity element which is also in fact a product of the region, and as I was researching the vehicle for images of the 2010 model, I did discover this two-tone version of the Bentley Continental being offered in Europe,

which I would conclude had to have been inspired by the customization offered by West Coast Customs.

It is a great testimonial of the potential for growth and expansion that exists with the proper combination of old money and new money concepts, and may even reflect a working example of President Barack Obama’s campaign promise of wealth redistribution.

A different perspective to consider.