Attitude Is Everything

Things are moving along in ways that many would have a challenge believing which I guess we can chalk up as paranormal activity but in a cheerful way.

The title of this post comes to me at least, from a woman that used to say it religiously as the motto for her talent agency that I used to work with and learned much of what I know regarding the in’s and out’s of the business of show, and it seems to be one of the primary attractions to this online publication in regards to content selection, so may the force be with us.

The word “everything” is a big word and is all encompassing, and what I find most interesting about the statement is that over the years, when measured against any life situation, the rule is still valid. Now with the amount of turmoil in areas of economics, health, and relationships and all other matters regarding the human race, I am amazed to find that this simple rule of thumb still holds true, and looking at what some of the experts say in regards to the hows and whys, here is what I have observed.

Have you heard the saying, “Attitude Is Everything”? While attitude might not really be “everything”, it is the single

most significant determining factor of success in many situations. Here’s how it works:

Change your attitude and you automatically change:

1. your perspective

2. the way you interpret things

3. the decisions you make

4. the actions you take

5. the results you get

From a “Spock Logic” interpretation, those five principles do actually sum up life, as it is to each and every individual according to their individual and collective outlook.

In closing, the word change is also brought into the equation and since things are in motion here at Your Friendly Neighborhood

We can actually show you better than we can tell you and bring awareness to the fact that as of today, has the image above on their home page, which is a graphic art pictorial of Jazz icon Dizzy Gillespie which begins your search for everything online via Google.

He was known as an outspoken wordsmith, with many famous quotes, one of which I am honored to share with you today.

“I think the idea is now for blacks to write about the history of our music. It’s time for that, because whites have been doing it all the time. It’s time for us to do it ourselves and tell it like it is.”

Dizzy Gillespie

A different perspective to consider.