2012 Range Rover Sport – Powered By Intelligence

We have yet to make it to the year 2011 yet Range Rover enthusiast know that every 4 or so years, a noticeable body redevelopment prototype is always introduced somewhere at least one year before its public release giving individuals the option to wait on the upcoming model or even consider an upgrade for the next version.

Again, this is simply a prototype concept model and has already been featured in a never released similar model prototype known as the
Range Stormer, yet we can all stay up to date on the actual facts by visiting the Land Rover official company website, as well as keeping up to date with company and enthusiast news on their official Facebook fan page.

Enjoy and stay tuned.

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    Actually that’s the first picture of the Range Rover Evoque from months ago, not a prototype shot or a Range Rover Sport, not sure where you got that. And they actually deny it has Stormer roots, I disagree. You can visit the Land Rover website and read all about it, it’s been public since July 1st.


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  • Anonymous

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    The 2012 Range Rover is one of the luxurious crossover SUV in the market, i wish i could test drive one.