Benjamin Franklin – Person Of The Year 2010

2010 U.S. $100 Dollar Bill

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This post to end the year of 2010 was inspired by a recent news segment that I watched regarding the introduction of the new U.S. $100.00 Dollar Bill which is scheduled to be released into circulation in the near future. It is the most expensive piece of U.S. currency ever created, to the extent that it has caused a delay in its introduction into circulation due to the printing requirements for the bill and its new technology.

As current U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner was giving his endorsement of the new bill and it’s relevance, the picture of Benjamin Franklin flashed on the screen, and the same news program then moved on to other matters such as the years most notable people according to household publications, so while pondering on exactly which celebrity to dub as the most notable for the year of 2010, I concluded that Benjamin Franklin was actually an excellent selection as it has always been an interesting point of pondering for me that he is the only person on any U.S. Federal Reserve Notes that was not a U.S. President, and he for what ever reason is pictured and represented on the highest value note in circulation.

In regards to the science of celebrity, living or deceased, here are some valid criteria as to why he deserves recognition as a notable figure represented by the U.S. $100 Dollar Bill.

  • An outside of the box thinker
  • Remains relevant throughout various scenarios in U.S. history
  • Only surrounds himself with those who are worthy of his presence
  • Never identifies with the losers (victims)
  • Increases in value and demand as his availability and accessibility decreases
  • Is viewed as honorable and well respected in all parts of the world
  • Respects who respects him and adds value to those who value him
  • His the phrase IN GOD WE TRUST printed on the back of his uniform
  • Does not waste time and is rewarding to those who do not waste his
  • Is an avid intellectual and a man of principle
  • Travels in selective social circles
  • Is a well balanced individual
  • Recognized as highly attractive by the opposite sex

In closing to bring in the new year with good cheer, it appears that the game has elevated from a childs thinking and desire to be like Mike, to a grown ups thinking and desire to be like Ben and at the same time, liked by Ben.

A different perspective to consider.