The Truth About Energy Vampires? – Ask Honest Abe Lincoln

Twilight Series.

Energy Vampires

The term “energy vampire” is also used metaphorically to refer to people whose influence leaves a person feeling exhausted, unfocused, and depressed, without ascribing the phenomenon to psychic interference.


The truth about Energy Vampires?
I truthfully do not have a sufficient and valid answer of my own to offer other than what is listed above from a Wikipedia author, yet I believe the time has come to bring up the subject for thought and discussion as I have heard the term thrown around by people who believe in such things over the past twelve years.

In regards to an educated guess as a writer, I do believe that the emergence of the vampire character concept in popular culture with The Twilight and True Blood scorelines as an example, point to some form of a great cultural interest in the phenomenon to the extent that these stories and the authors that compose them may simply be attempting to convey ideas and scenarios that appear as actual realities yet are not considered as factual due to a lack of scientific evidence and proof.

In closing, as everything does balance out with the process of time, an interesting point of interest is in regards to this new 2012 story twist on the vampire theme featured in the clip below that offers an extremely different perspective to consider in regards to American History and one of its most notable leaders, which is to be released in the upcoming month of June 2012, and which leaves us all to wonder about how much of it (the story) is factual opposed to fictional, and how much it relates to American life and society via The Summer of 2012.

Either way, its on with the show.