(REPOST) SELF ESTEEM – Get Yours Boosted Here!

(Editors Note – Sunday 9/23/2012)
Originally Published on: Jul 10, 2012 @ 0:45

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Being that this is the official beginning of the first week of the new 2012 Autumn season, the decision has been made to refocus our efforts towards this particular area of service.

As the 2012 political debate has shifted to an emphasis on the divisions amongst individuals and their class categories in regards to which percent group each one fits into, we can conclude that ultimately, the percieved differences in statuses is a direct result of the differences in self worth and self esteem as individuals can and will only shoot for a prize and level of status that they honestly in their hearts and minds expect to have success in attaining, and since human nature indicates that most individuals desire the best, regardless of whether or not they truly and honestly believe that they are deserving of it, we can do our little part on this end to assist individuals in increasing their self esteem and worth so that their expectations for the best or as close to it as possible for each, can now be authentically sought after and attained.

To Good Health!

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1. a realistic respect for or favorable impression of oneself; self-respect.

2. an inordinately or exaggeratedly favorable impression of oneself.

A different perspective to consider.