YOU ARE WORTHY – 2013 State Of The Pimpin Address By Rylan Branch



[wur-th ee]
wor·thi·er, wor·thi·est, noun, plural wor·thies.
1. having adequate or great merit, character, or value: a worthy successor.

2. of commendable excellence or merit; deserving: a book worthy of praise; a person worthy to lead.

3. a person of eminent worth, merit, or position: The town worthies included two doctors.

Greetings Earthlings and Welcome Home!
Now that we have the matters of inauguration out of the way, the time has come to shift our focus to what is most important, which by viewing social media on a daily basis shows to be none other than you and yours, so with that said, let us move forward and act on this idea,

Simply put, you are worthy.

Q: How can we be certain that this is an authentic claim and not flattery which would indicate that we are “bullshing” each other and wasting valuable time in the process?

A: Simply put, the vast majority of what any individual believes to be true, is as such simply through the decision that an individual makes in regards to believing or disbelieving, so in this particular case as a different perspective to consider, we can decide to have you believe something to be true that is actually in your own best interest as anything that an individual does for their own good that does not come at the expense of others is at the same time doing something good for the society in which they live.


Since the term worthy is actually a label that we can and do place upon ourselves and others, we can have you literally or virtually take the following steps.

A. Place the jersey pictured above with the name WORTHY printed on the back upon your own body.

B. Get in the game and play your position.

C. Work towards perfection which is made through continuous practice and training.

We will be offering actual training courses and practice sessions for individuals interested in perfecting their game in the near future, helping individuals to develop their own unique and GOD GIVEN talents and abilities.

Got it?
Good, now on with the show.

To Good Health.
Rylan Branch
The Janitor Life Experience Magazine.
Established in 2002
Keeping it “P” till 3033.