DOWNSIZE THE FLOSS – PH Mid Month Progress Report Friday 2-15-2013

13 days ago.

13 days ago.


To flaunt expensive merchandise such as Iced-out rollies, Jaguars on Triple Golds, Gem-encrusted Pimp goblets, Huge whops of dank hydro, etc.
You can tell that it’s Flossin’ Season everywhere! (Juvenile, “Flossin’ Season”)

T.G.I.F. (Thank God Its Freeday).
For those interested in such matters, is for those interested in and able to make progress as stated in the post at this link, so to ensure that we are staying to to our word by demonstrating action, we can actually make the Internet and Social Media tools work better by utilizing them as instruments of progress monitoring and management as time is our most valuable resource.

For those who are actually in business or perhaps aspire to be, my own understanding of the term refers to that which provides service to others, which explains why the decision has been made to downsize the floss in order to dedicate more resources to providing you as a valued viewer with a better quality of service, or more simply put, our goal is to help you get yours and  be compensated handsomely in the process, which will not come through a process of starting up a business and then using social media services to serve our own desires to feel important have our egos fed which comes at the expense of the time and energy of our valued viewers that we have focused our efforts on serving.

More simply put, we downsize our own floss in order to assist you in upgrading yours beginning with the most important element being offered, which is classified as a different perspective to consider.