Dubai Palm Islands

Welcome to Dubai.
While various cultures boast of some form of a paradise after death, it appears that the Crown Prince Of the United Arab Emirates has decided to build one on earth while waiting.

The City of Dubai, is a tourist destination for the uber wealthy, and the current cosmopolitan apex of the entire Persian Gulf region.

What sets this location apart from other global getaways for the jet set, are the man made islands that currently exist and are under construction.The developers are proving that having a vision, along with proper funding can result in some phenonmonal feats.


This concept is based on the plan to create a series of man made islands off the coast of Dubai, to allow the expansion of the city to span out into the sea.

The entire project is stated to have come into existence, as although the
United Arab Emirates is one of the largest oil producing nations in the world,the reserves are predicted to run out by the year 2016. The solution that the original crown prince came up with, was to turn the city into the authority in luxury tourism.Another challenge soon surfaced ,as there is a limited amount of coast area for the city, which would limit the amount of available tourist space.
The Solution?
Build Man Made Islands ,and make them the largest and most complex man made islands in history.

The first of the three islands is known as

Its the first island constructed in this project, and primarily sets the standards for what is to come.The vision hinges on constructing this island to house the best in luxury accommodation on earth.The primary example of what is unfolding is in the current hotel destination known as
Burj -Al-Arab( Arabian Towers)
Built on its own island within the Palm Jumeirah sector, the hotel opened its doors in 2000 and is currently considered by most as the best hotel on earth, and advertises itself as the worlds only 7 Star Hotel,constructed in the form of an Arabian sailing ship,with a construction cost of approximately $1.5 billion dollars.
The competition is on its heels, and interestingly enough,it is coming from the same city, which is Dubai.This hotel gives plenty of insight into the level of BALLERISZM that is Dubai, as some minor details of this particular lodging destination include a personal butler staff for each suite, a chauffeured transportation service equipped with a fleet of Rolls Royce vehicles, and an average price of around $15K-$20K per night , for the basics.
Tiger Woods
2007 PGA Champion At Burj-Al-Arab

The Palm Jumeriah Island , is focused on providing resort style living for its visitors with shopping malls, hotels, and entertainment facilities included.

The Next Island Is The
Palm Jabel Ali

Still under construction, this island is geared towards adult and child tourists alike, and will have more of a emphasis on actual residencies in the form of vacation homes for those who have the funds to afford there own piece of the island.

Third on the list and scheduled for completion in the year 2015 is the island known as
Palm Diera

This island is scheduled to be the largest of all three palm islands, with over the top features that surpass the current monumental luxury lifestyle accommodation’s featured within the other islands and the city of Dubai itself.

For OFFICIAL PIMPIN BALLERIZM STANDARDS, the city of Dubai is a must.
Coming attractions also include a series of man made islands know as the
World Islands, in which individuals will have a chance to actually own their very own secluded island within this paradise.
Last but not least is that one and only
Burj Dubai (Dubai Tower)

Currently scheduled for completion in the year 2008, the building will reach a height of 141 storeys with over 160 floors making it the tallest on earth, equipped with shops, pools, spas, corporate suites, luxury apartments, and even a hotel in which Giorgio Armani has been dubbed as its interior decorator.

To get in where you fit in, be sure to contact the
Nakheel Properties Group
, which is the government sponsored corporation overseeing the Dubia New World Development Project.The person in charge of Al Nakheel is
Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, who reports directly to the current crown prince of the
United Arab Emirates,

Shaikh Muhammad bin Rashid

For preffered customer treatment, be sure to mention
See You At The Top.

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R. Branch
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