Dirty Money- The Business of "HIGH END" Prostitution on CNBC

Happy Wednesday, and welcome back to the show.
Todays events are as usual, a result of yesterdays activities, so for me, it went as follows.
1.Turned on the TV to watch the Lakers Game.

2.Flipped the channels during the commercials and wound up at CNN for Part 2 of the Sarah Palin Interview with Gretah.

3.Flipped the channels during the commercials and wound up at CNBC for the Dirty Money premiere episode.

4.Stay tuned in to the show during the commercial wondering if the shows producers and staff for this show as well as the Sarah Palin CNN broadcast, as well as individuals from the NBA and its court side and box seat fans would eventually find their way to the subject matter on this show regarding
The Business of HIGH END Prostitution.

My Feedback From The Show.
Well, it was actually fairly interesting, and I will simply invite you to form your own opinions by reviewing the
content at the shows link.
Quite an Interesting name for a URL I might add, but what do I know?

My only commentary will be in regards to that term known as HIGH END. I guess its similar to
WHITE COLLAR , WHITE LIE or umm …Doctor Prescribed or Over The Counter DRUGS!.

What I find most interesting of all is the fact that The GE Corporation (General Electric),
that BRINGS GOOD THINGS TO LIFE, is the parent company of NBC and CNBC and one of the most well established household names on earth, and simultaneously is also one of the first on the high priority list to receive some STIMULUS PACKAGE funds from the Federal Government by having the Federal Reserve Bank back its commercial paper to move the game forward out of the credit crunch crisis.
Sounds like a job for B-Rock and his affiliates to GIVE & RECEIVE CREDIT where

I guess It all boils down to how one defines and perceives the term “HIGH END“.
Could you Imagine What MY Definition and Perception Would Be?