PimpHop.com Manifesto – February 2010

Kate Moss - YSL Manifesto - 2008

Welcome Home.
What is most interesting about this post is that while a manifesto is prime time for getting deep and philosophical, this will be something simple and to the point.

The image above is from a Google image search on the term manifesto,
and this particular image stood out as something unexpected, which is correspondent with that which I was pondering on.

While studying other manifestos of different varieties, which is said to be necessary when communicating a cause, I noticed that most of them tend to be long winded and loaded with strong language, yet they also tend to result in some form of violent and destructive behavior, so since I am headed in the opposite direction, for those who care to know, the official
PimpHop.com Manifesto is as follows.

Create an enjoyable life experience for SELF, and share with OTHERS who truly believe themselves to be deserving of such an experience.

PimpHop.com Manifesto
Feburary 2010, Rylan Branch