The New Myspace – Like A Girl's Ex Boyfriend

Trick or Treat?

Myspace, once the ruler of the social media landscape but now the website that individuals and companies with fickle tendencies are too above identifying themselves with has decided to redesign the entire site and relaunch with a new focus which is to act as a entertainment portal for Generation Y, and no longer seek to compete with Facebook but rather compliment it.

Also, the original idea of having the users act as curators that are able to spread the word about products to their friends list followers is being implemented.

Now for the truth.
Since of the new ideas being implemented have been borrowed from somewhere, by someone smart enough to listen, we can at least share this simple piece of advice.

Myspace is like the females ex boyfriend and Facebook the new fling, and of course she ran to the new relationship because her needs were not being satisfied in the original situation so she decided to venture out.

Once in the new situation, she discovered that there were just some elements of the new relationship that were missing, so she often sneaks back and maintains a connection with ex and plays each against the other for her own self centered interest, causing each of the individuals (ex boyfriend and new fling) to loose value out of a lack true appreciation for what each offers.

A new and improved social media version and concept based on the age old human concept of mutual appreciation surfaces fully in recognition of the fact that many of the users tend to want what they cant have and find that which not easily attainable as valuable, and ………….

To be continued.