A Paperless Society?

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This entry is more on the business side of things which is where I often find myself while both on and off radar, so for those interested, here is the news.

Back in 2002, this website was launched as an Internet Magazine which it has always been listed as since its introduction and official launch in 2003. One of the most strenuous challenges that I have faced is in regards to explaining the validity of an online publication, as with so many individuals that I have encountered along the way who tend to be focused on what is now, as opposed to what is to be, a magazine of sorts is actually considered as a print magazine which is a collection of paper pages that is usually found on store shelves or sometimes received in the mail with a subscription.

With the social media explosion which began with Myspace, due to the fact that it was something that anyone with access to a computer could participate in, the overall standard of validity and standard by which to measure what is to be taken seriously was traditional print publications as they showed individuals that perhaps there was some money behind the venture and not just some individuals with an idea of creating something on the Internet, as that is something that any and everyone can do, or so it seems.

For my very own purposes, I stood by my belief that the same would happen with publications that happened with mail with a transference from traditional snail mail to a digital format, which is now the normal standard known as e-mail and instant messaging. Would you believe that there too once was a time where individuals said and thought the same of the concept of electronic mail and it’s validity as real mail is the kind that is delivered by the postman, or postwoman if you live in my neighborhood?

Luckily for us, the individuals who developed the electronic mail concept platform saw fit to stay true to their cause and visions for the future as we can look at how much importance can be attached to electronic mail and it’s addresses.

Fast forward to 2010 and the holiday season, which for some strange reason seems to show that the hottest selling technology items even in a slumping economy are devices known as tablet computers and
e readers and we can again visit the question as to whether or not an Internet Magazine and digital publishing deserves any credibility or recognition for excellence and advancement.

My resolution simply has always been to look to individuals who actually know what time it is with the ability to envision what can and will be as opposed to individuals who follow suit with whatever is the new in thing is created and introduced by the prior described individuals, so in the beginning, much of my thought process followed suit with Bill Gates and the Microsoft Corporation, and as of current press time, the type of news feeds that I receive in my inbox translate to the following.

BARCELONA, Spain | Wed Nov 17, 2010 2:43pm EST

BARCELONA, Spain (Reuters) – News Corp is close to revealing a news publication developed especially for tablet computers like Apple’s iPad, James Murdoch confirmed on Wednesday.

“The tablet in general, it lends itself to a type of journalism that is really new,” Murdoch said, highlighting the way print looks on tablets and the multi-touch screens that encourage interaction from readers.

“These really are becoming our flagship products, even though they’re very much in their infancy,” he said.

Reuters Article Link

Sounds like a solid idea. We may need to look into the concept more thoroughly!

A different perspective to consider.