A Government Can Only Be As Corrupt As Its Citizens

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Greetings Earthlings.
Today is a significant and literal Tuesday Newsday, and one that will act as a benchmark in the history books as we will most assuredly will see some new faces and policies.

According to what I know, the mid point is an excellent place to conduct a progress and status inquiry to better ensure that the ultimate destination is reached, and to make informed decisions in regards to what to keep  what to purge in the pursuit of achieving a goal.

I am on my philosophy game today, yet I am still in accordance with my simplicity procedures so this entry will be brief yet astronomically precise and accurate.

My Stance-

“A Government Can Only Be As Corrupt As Its Citizens.”
-Rylan Branch

Sometimes the game comes from the most unexpected places, yet in this case looking at it more throughly, it makes perfect sense. Yesterday while watching the news, there was a segment on the Los Angeles Lakers and the views of a few players and staff members, one of which was Phil Jackson, who has earened the reputation of being a truth teller.

What he mentioned is how depressing all of the campaign drama has been and the medias coverage of it, with the audience that he is familiar with and in agreement with simply wishing that whatever the results are, the elections and drama associated with them would finally come to a close.

From a mid term progress report perspective, as a supposed democratic society, the public officials are selected by the people, and each official was at some point a regular tax paying citizen, all the way up to the current U.S. Head of State Barack Obama.

My stance is that as a collective body of citizens, corruption has taken a strangle hold on the society acting as a sickness from within, and that the primary root cause of all character flaws and corruption is Self Hate, and a lack of Self Respect which is subsequently followed by self destruction and self sabotage.

In field of psychology, there is a defense mechanism known as psychological projection, and what it basically entails is that individuals who continuously focus on what is wrong or not good about others are projecting their own reflection onto others in defense of their own self perceived shortcomings.

In regards to primary issues that we are faced with as a nation and global community such as economics and employment, one of the most popular gripes is in regards to a lack of job creation and economic relief across the board.

I would question if whether or not a general lack of productivity, selfishness, over consumption, and time wasting plays a part in the overall conditions that we face as a society

As an example, commercials often show current California Senate and gubernatorial candidates as responsible for sending jobs overseas, yet I seldom if ever see or hear those employees constantly complaining about their jobs, acting as clock watchers, saboteurs and having an overall disgruntled attitude, and as an employer, I believe what will ultimately show is that that candidates most deserving and worthy of the opportunities will attain the positions which is usually indicated through one general and overall character trait that indicates an air of self respect, and that is the state of being known as appreciative, which in economics relates to a maintenance and/or increase in value.

There is much more to be said, yet at the same time perhaps little needs to be said other than what has already been said and adhered to as a general principle and rule of conduct written by a world renowned speaker and writer from the past which is as follows.

Love thy neighbor as thyself.

In my honest opinion, it all begins and ends with self, and with all public officials in a democratic society, they are and have always been someones neighbor, which leads me to conclude that the best vote is similar to what is said to be the best investment, which is the vote and investment in self.

A different perspective to consider.