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And if any man will sue thee at the law, and take away thy coat, let him have thy cloak also. Matthew 5:40

Greetings Earthlings, and welcome back to the show.
As promised, today’s delivery will be special as it appears that your choice to swing through is due, to the fact that we do, what the others cant do, wont do, and are too afraid to.

On this end of the spectrum, it comes down to some key executive decisions, and while this type of content may in fact cost us some potential lucrative corporate sponsorships, it will in all likelihood gain the interest of the people, who invest in products offered by corporations, which lead to potential profits which make funds available for a thing known as corporate sponsorships to exist in the first place, so lets see what we can figure out together.

Now it has been said by many that two areas that you want to stay away from in business are politics and religion, yet I find that to only be the case when arguing about a stance, yet if everything really is everything, which it actually seems to be, then everyone is entitled to voice their opinion which leads closer and closer to the total sum of everything. yes that sounds philosophical, so in more simplistic terms, it is what is is, and what it is can really only be what you make it be.

This post touches on religion , politics , business, and social studies all at the same time, so its saving one bird with two or more stones.

The image above at the head of this post is there for your enjoyment and exploration, and what I would like to ask is for YOU to place a name with the following face.

I myself wont give an answer, yet what I will do is simply give you the exact link to where I found the image inside of the Google Images library.

The science behind Google and all search engines in general, is based on what is known as common consensus, which is often mistaken for truth or fact. It means that if enough people believe that something is true and agree upon it, it will exist and appear as a reality to each.

I have actually always had a curiosity about this subject since Jesus Christ is actually a very popular public figure on Earth, and most of the information regarding his life and mission actually comes from the best selling book known as the Bible (New Testament). Most of the books in this age come without pictures, so it causes individuals to have to relay on artistic interpretations displayed in still images as well as motion picture features.


This is the reason that I selected
Google Images to see what the common consensus was, as the algorithm is created to list the images from websites that receive the most visits based on the subject, then lists thhem in order as query results.

As yet another testimonial to the effects that television programming had on me as a child, for better or worse, I recall the following episode on one of my all time favorite shows known as
Good Times.

Its as if I watching this back around 1979 was intended to inspire me write and create leading to the episode resurfacing in 2009 where the imagery while still far fetched for some, is more credible due to some other current popular images of
African Americans in High Places.

When I have brought this subject up to various religious spokespersons over the years,the response is usually the same which is that in all actuality, it really does not matter what the skin color or physical characteristics of Jesus Christ were. One of my most memorable recent experiences was in the city of Atlanta Georgia, during a group viewing of a popular movie known as
The Passion Of The Christ .

Although I can actually ascertain the reasons why this response was given and partially agree with it, it appears that the individuals who
wrote the book
s, as well as its latter day translators found his physical features of importance to the extent that they included this information into the story line which actually refutes the popularized imagery found on a Google Image search of the movie title.

Per Yahoo Answers.
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If it says in The Bible that Jesus had bronze skin and hair like wool, then why do they show someone white?

I neither agree or disagree with the stance, yet believe that it is one of the most excellent choices for public discussion and debate, so my job is to simply report the news.

I can also recall the same discussion that I had with a missionary from The Church Of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints, back in 1997 regarding this subject matter after he shared some literature with me that contained some similar imagery. After some pondering on my logical viewpoints, he decided to assert the idea that it is a commonly known fact that Jesus was in fact a Jew, in an attempt to justify the imagery by relating it to his views of what the appearance of a follower of the religion of Judaism( Jew) looks like.

I did not at that time have the imagery available to share with him, yet at this point,since it is at my finger tips, I would ask if, when he says Jew, he is referring to a
Semitic Jew

or a

North East African Jew ?

The challenge for scholars in the Pro vs. Anti Semitic debate has rested in the fact that the term Semitic was coined to describe individuals from a certain region of Asia who spoke a common language, which the actually classified a majority of individuals from the Arabian Peninsula as Semitic, although many are either Islamic or Christian.It would be similar to an assertion that all who speak English are of British decent.

Moving the discussion to the subject of identity theft, it is a widely known fact that the artist that created the now popular imagery of Jesus Christ was Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni -(March 6, 1475 – February 18, 1564)
along with other works inspired by his interpretation of Bible characters.

What is most interesting, to me at least, is that his lifetime as an Italian artist and creator was approximately 1600 years after the approximated lifetime of Jesus Christ, along with his Italian contemporary
Leonardo da  Vinci. The imagery and creations of Michelangelo are in fact said to be homo erotic by many art experts and critics, and was the popular genre during the time of the Italian Renaissance, such to the extent that the head of the Roman Catholic Church at the time commissioned him to create works of art inside of a popular Roman Catholic Church Building known as the Sistine Chapel.

Art is art, and expression is expression, yet at the same time, accuracy is also accuracy, so I question why the commonly featured imagery of events and characters of the Bible depict individuals with European features, even though the origins of the stories were not in Europe but rather in what is now considered as Asia and Africa while the closet event to occur near Europe was in the Islands of what was known as Patmos in the Mediterranean Sea.
What we do get are translations of the stories into European languages such as Greek, Latin, and English, so I would conclude that image translation would be also be useful a long with the word translation in order to help people of a different culture relate to the stories who may not have been literate or have had access to the literature as we do in this current day and age.

That was then, and this is now, so I take it upon myself to create and feature some imagery using the tools available for those who may wish to view a more
globalized and evolved perspective of the ever popular figure known as


Jesus Christ.

In closing, when it comes to Identity Theft, it is a major crisis that is widespread due to the expansion of technology tools that were created and inteneded for more useful and constructive purposes. It ( Identity Theft)is said to actually have been popular in past times in European societies, when individuals would masquerade themselves in costume attire to portray the identities of others that they admired or conceal their own identity
while participating in activities that were to deemed inappropriate or contrary to mental and emotional healthy standards and natural laws.

In closing, identity theft will actually show to be a mental disorder which is refelctive of self hatred, as it is what actually motivates individuals to escape from themselves and associated identities. I have always pondered on the quote in regards to giving to individuals who take from you by force or theft, which is stated in the beginning of this post. My personal analysis simply shows that Jesus Christ, who the quote is attributed to, was aware of natures laws, and was able to put together that fact that if one gives additional to one who takes from them prior by selfish and inconsiderate motives, it simply reminds the taker of their lack and the giver of their abundance, making the taker dependent on the giver and likewise a servant of the giver. Robin Hood is actually an asset to the rich,which is why insurance was created!

Its only my opinion and not to downplay the opinion or faith of another, and since we are keeping it 80’s around here, I will wrap up the entry from a popular song by Ray Parker Jr. that may just influence me to have to grow my shag back…PEYYYUUMMMPPPP!


If there’s something strange
in your neighborhood
Who ya gonna call?
If there’s something weird
and it don’t look good
Who ya gonna call?
I ain’t afraid of no ghosts
I ain’t afraid of no ghosts

A different perspective to consider.


Written By
R. Branch
Code Name
Scotty Pimpin