PimpHop.com Is The Name & Helping You To Write & Picture YOUR OWN STORY is Our Game!

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Introducing the New Profile –
Now with more ways to show and tell your own story.

Welcome Home!
There is much to be said yet at the same time we need not waste words explaining that are better invested in demonstrating, so lets see what we have on the menu for today.

This is actually both a welcome message to our new members as well as a general overview of what is in store here at PimpHop.com Lifestyle Magazine.

Cutting right to the chase, the term “Lifestyle” is what we can best describe as the subject of the story that individuals which to convey in regards to the showing and telling part of the new social media profile layouts at Facebook, and since this is in fact a
Lifestyle Magazine, we have some how landed in an excellent position to assist our members in actually creating the story of their own lives, and since the motto from yours truly is that something that has already been done is not worth doing, I can also add that something new and improved is what we already have been doing, so for those interested,

you can simply view the post for the above image at this link as a sneak peak of just a tiny piece of what we are offering to our valued members.

In closing, we will leave you with a philosophical stance adhered to by Your Friendlily Neighborhood PimpHop.com which is as follows.

“The are many who write about after it happens, yet there are a chosen few who make it happen after they write about it!”
-Rylan Branch

Stay Tuned.

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