Garden Of Eden – Hollywood CA

Back on the Scene, Crispy and Clean, with another installment of HotSpots. Tonights adventure took us to a place we all have desired at one time or another to be, yet as the story goes, got us human folks into a bit of a stink with higher authorities. The place? Garden Of Eden. The nightclub in Hollywood that is. The event tonight was the X Games After Party, hosted by Fireworks Productions. Arrival time as usual was late to date, just at the appropriate moment where all the commotion that makes the scene what it is, It was perfect timing, because we got to the club and fell into a sea of onlookers trying to get in to this event. I think we should create a reality show based on the popular drama known as the VELVET ROPE. Are you on the List? Who’s lists are you on? Oh that list is closed. Oh, so your Justin Timberlake’s Cousins hair stylists baby’s daddy? Ok well that list is still open, but no tennis shoes or un-tucked shirts. LOL. Its all part of the entertainment, and while it can be a pain and hassle when in the midst of it, it appears to add to the overall element of being trendy and cool, or better yet PIMPIN. That IS what the goal is right?

Door Lady… Miss Clipboard I think her name is, played her part beautifully, and was essential in keeping the cool element up to standards with the help of the red carpet groupies, next on the list celebs, and bouncers. It took us a hot few patient seconds to get past the gate keepers, and inside the club, as the athletes, actors, musicians, rich cats, and cool kids had first priority before the paid patrons, but its all mental, because why would any regular joe hoping to be somebody want to pay his or her hard earned money to be in the club with no bodies where everybody got in without being chosen?

We slid in and saw what we hoped and expected to find quite a few bad bitches. Yeah, thats what I said, and we can talk like that on this site… But, reality is, that’s the most essential element of the hot spot, at least from what we can see. What do YOU say?

A few Coronas later it was off to mix and mingle with the single exotic 1/2 Black 1/2 Indonesian 1/2 Belizian, i know it sounds Non Believin type women and other folks in the know.All and all, the night was quite a success as Fireworks put together all of the right elements for a Hot Spot Event,including but not limited to, plush venue, celebs and a-list crowd,cool staff, and did we already mention Bad Bitches? We give the event an over all PF rating (PF=PIMP FRIENDLY). Players, step your game up and get familiar.