Facebook Shutting Down? Nah. But What If It Did?

Got this news from the best source for this type of chatter, which is my mother! It looks like a rumor did circulate around the social media circuits that even I missed.

“Facebook Will End March 15th!”
Rumors that Facebook will be shutting down on March 15 have gone viral across the web, causing users to question what will happen to their photos and other content that they have shared on the world’s largest social networking site.

The flurry of online chatter that the Palo Alto, Calif.-based company would shut down its servers comes just days after it had been valued at $50 billion after a $500 million infusion of cash by investment bank Goldman-Sachs.

The story seems to have been perpetuated by supermarket tabloid the Weekly World News, which Saturday published an article headlined

Source: ABC News

From a marketing perspective that would be a pretty slick move to start up a rumor about Facebook closing to see what the response would be in order to know the value of the site and service, similar to how a woman may threaten her significant other with ending the relationship to see how much she means to her partner.

My question is as it has been since the days of Myspace, which is if these sites did shut down, what percentage of it’s users would flip the f**k out?

Perhaps Goldman Sacs is pushing Facebook founders with their latest multi million dollar cash infusion by saying

“Ok, no more free techno dope, now PAY WHAT YOU WEIGH!

A different perspective to consider.