PSYCHO BEEZIE’S – Is Crazy The New Normal?


A Scene From The Classic Alfred Hitchcock Film Psycho. Look Familiar?


Psycho is slang for a person who is psychotic or psychopathic. The term is often considered offensive or derogatory. However, when used within compound terms such as ‘psychology’ or ‘psychotherapy’, the word refers neutrally to the psyche (mind or soul).

Welcome Home and T.G.I.F.(Thank God It’s Freeday).
To bring this extremely productive and constructive week to a close in preparation for next weeks installments, we will keep this entry simple and brief by posing the question that I find myself asking on a more frequent basis as time progresses which usually indicates that some useful and necessary adjustments are in order in regards to the approach that will lead to what I would consider to be more effective and suitable end results.

A personal mental note and different perspective to consider.