THE SSCP – Secret Service Colombian Prostitutes

Solution = Just Put On A Happy Face!


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Wellness, between us as friends, the topic of today’s news is one that was at the the top of the today’s list for the U.S. Congress as the Secret Service head honcho was called to offer testimony, yet the reason why it is posted here at Your Friendly Neighborhood is due to the fact that it sounded somewhat  pimpish and outside the box in regards to a post title and some experimentation was being conducted to learn what the results would be if the title was entered into a Bing search engine query.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The head of the U.S. Secret Service, in his first public appearance since a Colombian prostitution scandal involving his employees surfaced last month, apologized for the misconduct on Wednesday as lawmakers expressed doubt it was an isolated incident.

Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan, gray-haired in a blue striped suit and tie, faced the Senate Homeland Security Committee and asserted that the behavior of a dozen employees in Cartagena in April did not reflect the culture of the agency that protects the president.


The basic news as mentioned above popped up, and in an image search, this particular young lady featured in the header image offered this specific fashion statement which inspired a simple yet utmost effective global economic and health care solution in its own right.

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