THE DESIRE TO BE ADMIRED (Part 3) – 1.5 Billion Instagram Likes For Kylie Jenner Is PimpHop Proof Positive

1 Billy 😳 Thanks for all the love this year 💋

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regard (an object, quality, or person) with respect or warm approval.
“I admire your courage”
synonyms: esteem, approve of, respect, think highly of, rate highly, hold in high regard, applaud, praise, commend, acclaim
“I admire your courage”

look at with pleasure.
“we were just admiring your garden”
synonyms: delight in, appreciate, take pleasure in
“we’re just admiring your garden”



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Moral Of The Story (Final PH Solution Of The Year In 2016)


“I’ma put you on game, for the lames that don’t know, they’re a rookie
@Instagram is the best way to promote some pussy”

-Kendrick Lamar
No More Parties In LA ft. Kanye West

Happy New Year!