STREET SMARTS – It’s Why What “Cash Me Outside Girl” Danielle Bregoli Has To Say Is Important

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Moral Of The Story (And What Danielle Has To Say Is Important Because?)

Point 1:26 of the video clip above.
Dr. Phil: What now? I’m sorry, I didn’t get that. Are you speaking English?
Dr. Phil: Do you have an accent of some sort?
Mom: Tell him where it comes from. You know.
Danielle: From The Streets.
Dr Phil: (Perplexed Voice): Ohh.

And as a response from a street smart individual, we will then say that if Danielle gets wished a Happy Birthday as a girl at fourteen years young, it may very well prevent her from being a grown adult on social media with an even greater desire to receive  Happy Birthday well wishes in a way that is normal for kids, so that she would then not have the ability to tell a teenager that she is important, and questioning why the teenager is even famous to begin with, indicating pain from not having her own needs met, questions answered, and desires fulfilled because she has still not developed into a mature and responsible adult that can then and only then really be responsible for others besides herself as a leader, like Danielle is being groomed to be here @


Leading By Example = Happy Birthday To You Danielle, With Many More To Come.


A “Street Smart = Being A Bigger Person” perspective to consider.