PROPERLY MARKETING THE GOOD GOODS – PH Good American Business Solutions Starring India Love


Moral Of The Story (PH Good American Business Solutions)


“I figured all this shit out, man. All this. This world moves forward through transactions. Commerce, nigga. The exchange of goods and services. All the real ballin’, successful folks are sellers. All the broke-ass people playing catch-up are buyers. I ain’t trying to go out like that. I’m gonna be a seller. I’m gonna get my own business. Change the game.”

-Jody from The Movie Baby Boy


Rodeo Drive

Beverly Hills, CA 90210


Let’s think about it.

All that is was created, including but not limited to the Hills Of Beverly, to the extent that Rodeo Drive must have been created with the knowledge that goods may very well have a mind of their own so that the street was designed in anticipation of the best goods desiring to have an ideal and attractive place to be offered, among the best goods of a like mind, for and by the best people because like attracts like, and the vibrations match,  just like we see here @ Mighty Mighty



Good + Good = That Good Good


It’s a California thing.