Goldie – The Rules Of The Game

(Captain’s LogStardate July 08, 2011)

As I am preparing to head out for my Friday festivities, as often happens, I gain some form of an inspiration which
has shown to be best pressed and published while its still fresh.

The month has started off blazing, and since one of the main perks of running your own publication is the ability
to select which notable figures are most deserving of recognition and celebrity status, I felt it best to pay homage to one of the foremost authorities on matters of life according to the way that I have decided to live it, or better, the way it was decided for me at birth.

With the previous post, it brings to light just how much discord and debate the word PIMP can generate and what the actual definition of it is, yet for those who have familiarity with the culture, I can simply state that the basic elementary fundamentals that I will share with you via Goldie and crew, from the classic tale known as The Mack will give any individual a sturdy foundation in which to embark upon a study with in order to make an informed decision regarding matters of Pimpology, whether positive or negative.

In closing, we may very well leave this on the home page for the rest of the year, as most media selected celebrities as of late do not offer much more than, what they offer, which in my opinion is (_____), which forces me to have to look within and find my own trusted and valued sources of insight, so with that said, sit back, relax, grab your popcorn and drinks while we bring you this edutainment feature.






Clip # 3 – CHOOSING

Be good to the game and the game will be good to you.
A valid perspective to consider.