Ron Jeremy Interview – PH Exclusive

ron_jeremy-754702.jpgIn the Year 2007, Adult Films and Entertainers are a mainstay in today’s society, as well as a
multi -billion dollar industry. This did not happen without help. Today took some time to have a chat with a Major Contributor of that help, a Popular Figure by the name of Ron Jeremy. In this discussion, we covered various topics including his recently released book, as well as current trends within the adult and mainstream entertainment industries, both of which hold him in high regards. So, sit back, relax, get your popcorn and drinks within reach, and enjoy this enlightening discussion.



PH: I just finished watching the Tyra Banks show with you and the cast of the Surreal Life.

RJ: Yeah .Did you hear the part about my comments about the Kennedy’s?

PH: No, I didn’t, what happened?

RJ: Oh Well Good, because something that I said was kinda taken out of context because it was said so fast.

I had made a comment based on some talks I had with John Frankenheimer. You know he went into pretty great detail about the Kennedy’s. He was the Campaign Shooter For Robert Kennedy, he shot the Campaign Video Footage. He’s a very close friend of mine, I mean he’s all over my book.

A very famous director, who recently directed Ronin with Robert DeNiro, & Raindeer Games, with Ben Affleck, both of which I was in, and was cut, you’ll see my name in the credits of both on IMDB. He used to tell GREAT stories, about people like Marilyn Monroe, and other people he knew as well as the Kennedy’. He actually had Robert staying in his house at one time, and he knew John also, and he said that they both had very strong sexual appetites, I mean they hung out a lot, and he had once mentioned that one of them was hung more than me, so basically, when I mentioned this, Tyra was asking, “How would he know that?” It was hard for me to answer without looking like an idiot, I mean they were living together, so its not that out of the world to imagine, that he may have caught a glimpse at one time or another. So I said it real quickly on the show, but when it was all said so fast, it just sounds a bit ridiculous.

PH: Yeah, that is DEEP. I was thinking about the comment she made about back stabbing, when you made a reference to something that happened with Vanilla Ice and she made an inference to Porn when you said the word Back Stabbing. Do you think she watches any porn at all?

RJ: I don’ know, I mean most people have seen some at one point or another. Maybe she has seen some of the celeb porn, like Pam A. and Tommy Lee, or Paris Hilton.

PH: Do you think she would admit to it?

RJ: Um Maybe, I mean she may admit to watching some of the celeb stuff, I don’t know.

PH: Ok, now people say that the Porn Biz is the Bad Cousin of Mainstream Hollywood.
So, at what points do they connect, I mean do Porn stars go to Oscar Parties, and Oscar Recipients attend Porn Parties?

RJ: Yes, YES, Yes they do. These cousins are getting closer and closer, and eventually, will be siblings, and then become one and the same. I give you some good examples.
Adult Films are getting more into special effects, larger budgets Pirates, Brown Bunny & Buffalo 66 with Vincent Gallow, Boys Don’t Cry with Chloe evigny, where she does a full hardcore oral scene. Along with famous rappers Sun Doobie, DJ Yella, and Snoop Dogg, has features, where he walked around the Hardcore Set, same with Ice T and Digital Underground.
So you have many Rockstars, RapStars and Celebrities getting closer and closer to the hardcore action. A few of them even participating. So we see the two worlds getting closer and closer.

You’ll see a lot of Hollywood actors and directors saying “Ok, lets add a Sex Scene, So its PG, R, and X, three different audiences within the same arena.

PH: Well, you actually jumped into my next question, which is regarding the current blending of Mainstream and Adult Productions. Do you think other adult entertainers will be soon getting more involved with mainstream features?

RJ: Well, you have people such as myself, as well as Jenna Jameson, who have done many mainstream features. I’ve done 68 of them, three of which are considered cult films.
Detroit Rock City for example, Orgazmo, and the biggest of all that you should see is The Boondock Saints.
So, I have some good credits in mainstream.And then for Surreal Life,it was the number one show for a while on Sunday Night for WB, and now with the new Surreal Life Fame Games for VH1 on Sunday and Thursday Evenings, we are getting a good share of mainstream stuff.

PH: Yeah Your Press Kit For Your Book says that you have a serious dedication to serious acting, and have experienced some road blocks by being who you are. Do you believe these roadblocks will always be in place?

RJ: Well to some extent, actually, yeah, for quite while they will. It’ more of a religious thing. As long as there are Fanatical Christians, with a strong voice in different forms of media, well, you’re not going to see any porn stars in features involving children and other more family oriented subjects .In fact, I was actually in a Disney Movie called Bone Chillers, and they had to disguise me in makeup, just so that no one would recognize me.
So, you know, its just one of those things we have to work through, but the tide surely is changing. The older ones may be concerned, but the younger people don’t really think like that.

PH: Ok, now who are some famous or powerful people, who we wouldn’t in a trillion years, believe were as accepting of your lifestyle as they were.

RJ: Well, most people I meet do tend to be pretty accepting. I mean Tammy Fae Baker, she comes from a Conservative Christian Background, and I come from the Adult Film World, and we get along great. She’ just a doll. I mean school superintendents, people in politics. It says in my book that I have met George Bush Senior, and actually I went to high school with the ex CIA head, George Tenet. So for the most part, people are fairly accepting.

PH: And do you think that your new recently released book is going to stir up any controversy, or is it full of things that are fairly common knowledge?

RJ: Well, no, I dont think it’ very controversial. It’ just me sharing my experiences and things that I believe. But no, nothing too explosive, according to me anyway.

PH: And your agent Mike Esterman is actually a contributing writer for our web magazine

RJ: Mike is a Writer? Ha Ha, he has a hard enough time writing his own name down.
No, Just Kidding, Mike is a great guy to know and have around, and we have plenty of fun on the road together.

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Written by: Rylan Branch

11 February 2007