Rita G Interview PH Exclusive

Rita GPH-Greetings Rita, and welcome to LA! How has your visit been so far?

RG-Its Been Monetarily Sound!

PH-Give us some insight into the types of projects you have been involved in since your arrival.

RG-OK, I came out here to do a couple of magazine cover photo shoots, however, my main focus, is in regards to my Television Show, titled Sex With Rita-G.

PH-Sounds Cool! Now what is the primary reward that you receive in your career as a model?

RG-First, I appreciate people appreciating me, and one other thing that I value is the attention that I get.It gives me a platform to speak about other things that are important to me as well.

PH-What Are The 3 most challenging obstacles you have faced as a model, and what did you do to overcome and achieve success?

RG-Well, I have to say, I haven’t really experienced any obstacles. I didn’t really set out chasing any dream, this actually all came to me. I’m not out here begging people to shoot with me or hire me. I’m just going about my business, and people just keep calling me. And if I do a good job on something, more people call me, and as people call me, I just evaluate whether or not the opportunity is monetarily sound, and makes good business sense. I decide my next move, based on business, I don’t really put myself out there as a model. You know, I’m a business woman who is capable of doing some modeling, or a business woman capable of doing some acting, or hosting, writing, and a whole lot of things, but at the end of the day, I’m a business woman.

PH-Knowing what you know now, are there some things you would have perhaps done differently in your modeling career or as a business woman?

RG-Yeah, absolutely. You know, 5 years into this, Ive gotten a lot of information, and anybody with more information, will do things differently, and make different choices at times, so sure.

PH-Is there anything in particular that stands out that you know now that you would have done differently?

RG-The knowledge I have now would have permitted me to avoid any compromising position that has happened a time or two.

PH-We recall reading your bio, and it says that you lived, I believe, for 9 full years without a television set. Was that by choice or by circumstance?

RG-By choice when I was a teenager. I say in my bio, that when I was 14, I read a book about the power of the subconscious mind, and how everything we hear, see, smell, or whatever, is you know, influencing things in our subconscious, either positively, or negatively. SO I decided that as long as I had a choice, I wanted to choose what my mind was being programmed with, instead of you know, just random things and random messages and subliminal things in television and media. I’m also not a big reader of Newspapers. I mean if I hear it, I dont automatically buy it or accept it as truth.

PH-Also read that you are an avid fan of literature, so what are some of your favorite books?

RG-One of my favorite books,I kinda like the Conversations With God book, mostly because its thought provoking. And one of my favorites, is The Games People Play, by Eric Burns.

PH-Do you find that people are surprised to find out, just how much of an intellectual you are, and do you feel it has benefited you in any way?

RG-I would have to say, that I try not to advertise, how much of an intellectual that I am, because, you know, I’m selling a sexy image, and thats what I usually want people to be exposed to. Its only people who deal with me a bit more in depth, on a personal or even a business level, that have the opportunity to discover, and experience that side of me. And those people, they really shouldn’t be surprised, but occasionally they are. It benefits me because, the information that I have allows me to make the better choices, and make use of the positioning when dealing with people.

PH-What are 3 things that people are usually surprised to find out about Rita G?

RG-Um, Ok, I’m not gonna think of anything good, but lets see. Ok people are shocked to find out that I am a Chef. A tremendously good cook.

PH-Really? Well I’m shocked to know that.

RG-Yeah, and also, I think sometimes, people are surprised to find out just how much of an activist I am at heart.Um, when it comes to things, like me covering conspiracy theories, and anti establishment stuff.

PH-OK well go ahead and let is all out.

RG-OK, also, how much I am against big boobs, and the whole breast implant thing. How much I am NOT an advocate of plastic surgery.

PH-Yeah, I’m surprised to know that too.

RG-Really? I mean personally, it just goes against my constitution. Oh, great, and people would be really surprised, if they knew how much of a comedian I am. I’m not like you know, wow, you have a great sense of humor, Like wow I’m funny for a pretty girl. Like I’m Funny, like right up there with Eddie Murphy and them. If you have a chance to be around me,when I’m doing my thing you will see.And another important thing is that I really just tend to have no fear. I’m like a True Daredevil at heart, you know what I mean? I don’t know if they call it an exhibitionist, I like instigating public things, that make people feel uncomfortable.

PH-Ok, now at the event you recently attended in Hollywood, we are proud to state, that although there were plenty of beautiful women in attendance, you actually set a standard of excellence and class, that had a majority of the camera attention focused on you. So what do you believe primarily sets you apart from the rest?

RG-Ok, hold on for a second. I think one thing that sets me apart, is that I wasn’t trying to get all of the attention. And um, that ravishing dress didn’t hurt either. Actually, It wasn’t too difficult in a room full of porn stars, Ha Ha Ha! Not a difficult feat, in that environment, but the previous, mentioned would still hold true, if it was a room full of all A List Types.

PH-Next Question, that we definitely need to know is, what qualities, you find attractive in a Man? And when we say a Man, we mean as in YOUR Man, not as in a Man as your Fan.

RG-Ok, got it.Ok I like juicy shoulders, I like to bite them. I don’t know what it is, just that Man perfume, with pheromones and stuff. When a Man just exudes that really manly energy, I don’t really have the words to really tell you about it. But then again, if I have to tell you, I mean its just one of those things that if you dont know, you just don’t know, I cant teach a person on how to attract me. Let me see. I like men who are manly, but also have a certain boyish quality about them too. And let me see. I like a man who, kinda knows that fine line between being gentle with me, yet still commanding. And when he is not afraid to reveal himself, and show, you know, how he is affected by me. Not like, you know, on my jock about it, and always complimenting me, or nothing like that, but just the fact that they aren’t hiding it, or putting energy into hiding the fact, you see what I’m saying?

PH-Ok, give us some insight into how you were invited to appear on the Howard Stern Show. We recall it had something to do with a Breast Test, so how did that incident make you feel about yourself as a woman, and about them as men?

RG-Well, lets see here. Basically when I first got my website, I understood that I needed to promote it. And with them having a billion trillion listeners, and viewers, I recognized it as a priceless opportunity, because the show would be aired over and over again, year after year. So, I basically called them up, and told them that I basically had the best NATURAL breast that they had even seen on their show,and I wanted to come on the show and prove it. And well, you know, they couldn’t resist that, and I watched the show, and I paid special attention to, you know, the types of things that got their attention, and what they liked and what they don’t like. So I figured it would be the perfect gimmick or whatever, to get them to call me. So yeah, basically they couldn’t resist it, and they called me, and said they wanted to have me on the show and it was a hilarious episode to say they least. And ,about how I felt, and how they felt or whatever, I’m well aware of what they do, and I know they do what they do because it works,and there is a certain formula that works on that show. So I can say, that we were basically two steps ahead of them, the whole time, but I had to let them believe that they were gettin over on me, and um, really, I was prepared to be humiliated, because I knew how much I might have looked like I was humiliated, yet I was still Pimpin that show.

PH-I can Dig It!

RG-Yeah, so, in the end, I mean I wasnt humiliated at all. And by me being two steps ahead, it totally took them off their game. And everybody who gave me feedback on the show, and all the people calling, emails and faxing the show, said that I was one of the most engaging guest ever, more than
Pamela Anderson, or whoever has been on their stage, and um, you know, people just gave me so much props, on just how I handled it. I guess [they are] used to getting girls, that are real quiet, and acting like they’re about to cry.

PH-Oh Yeah….

RG-And they could not find any weak spot, or break me in any kind of way, and I just laughed right along with them, and you know when an intro is delivered, and the person lets it roll right off them, and It just takes out their fire? Well it didn’t happen like that for me, like it cheated them out of their enjoyment, and I just rolled right with it, and basically, because of that, I came out smelling like a rose.

PH-I can Dig It, and agree 1000%.

RG-With any other guest, you know, they are in their little holy position, but with me, all they really did, they made themselves look small, and I looked big.

PH-I can dig that. Now the next question is, it is fairly known that Rita G, is on Track and slated to win the Playboy Top 20 Model of The Year Contest of 2007. So in your own words, Rita G is Playboys Top 20 Model of the year because?

RG-I believe I should be Playboys Top 20 Model of the year, simply because they want me to be. Thats what the fans want to see, And I’m trying to give the people what they want around here.

PH-Well you’re doing way more than trying! Now what are your 3 most cherished material possessions?

RG-Well, lets see, my Cat. And The House that I own. And my career.

PH-You Own Your Own House?!?!

RG-Oh Yeah!
Hold on a second, I’m about to take a picture.
Ok I’m back.

PH-Ok, your career doesn’t count as a material possession Rita, so give us one more thing. Doesn’t have to be expensive or valuable, just something that you hold as valuable.

RG-A Material Thing?

PH- Yep, just something that you value.A bottle of perfume, pair of shoes, or favorite hat, etc etc.

RG-Ok, let me think… I’m trying to think about that, but I just truly don’t place a whole lot of value in material shit. I really don’t give a fuck about all that honestly. You cant take any of it with you when you leave, and as long as you’re living, it’s all replaceable, and you can get it back again and again.

PH-Ok, I feel you. Next question is. Who do you think is holding it down the most in the music game right now?

RG-Wow. Hmm.There would have been so many options years ago. My favorite era, especially in Hip Hop was most stuff between 87 and 91. Still to this day, my favorite all time album is AmeriKKKas Most Wanted.

PH-So thats whats up, Ice Cube.

RG-But I’m getting a lot of good news from the west coast right now.

PH-Who is your favorite artist on the west coast.

RG-Hmm, let me see. Well, I like Too Short, and well, there are a few cats on the east coast too, but, they’re stuff is just different.

PH-Ok, I can dig it, so we’ll just roll with Too Short. So now we have reached the final question, which is the freestyle question.So any shout outs that you might have, or plugz, here is where you plug em. So Rita G, We pass the Mic To You, show the people, what you got to prove.

RG-What I Got To Prove? Ha Ha, Ok Lemme See. Well you know, it seems so cliche, but basically, the Fans. I mean without the people who made up their minds that, they just like Rita G, and they just want to see anything and everything that I’m apart of, and be apart of anything I’m doing and everything that I’m doing. If it wasn’t for the people out here, there wouldn’t really be a reason for me to be doing what I’m doing. No demand for it, so I gotta simply say Thanks to those people. Everything That I do, its really for them.

PH Anybody else you want to give props or thanks to, or just the people, and thats all that counts?

RG-Um yeah, I mean the Creator. There would certainly Be No Me, Without Him.

PH-OK sunshine, well that wraps up this interview, and we are going to get it out in front of the people in the shortest time possible.

RG-Ok then.

PH-So I appreciate you taking some time out to chop it up, and we are going to work together to make sure that this was a excellent investment of time, by seeing to it that it keeps you where you belong, which is on top of the world.

RG-Ok Cool, and I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to make it happen as well.

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Written By
Rylan Branch
17 March 2007