Beyonce Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editon (repost)


Looks like your girl Beyonce is still ‘doin the damn thang’, as Sports Illustrated has decided to use her on the cover of their 2007 Swimsuit Edition. This is definitely a unique new look for S.I. and we can guarantee that if they keep this up ,their magazine WILL regain the popularity it once had waaaay back in the day.

This also goes to show you that the American standards for beauty are changing dramatically. At one point it used to be “thin is in, and thick is sick”. Now we are starting to see more curvaceous ( true meaning of the word, as opposed to a more kind way of calling fat girls ,FAT) gracing our TV screens, and magazines.

So it turns out,that Sir Mix-A-Lot had it right all along… “Even white boys have to shout“. We are jumping in the car and heading to 7-11 to check out the new 2007 Swimsuit Edition of SI.

Check out Beyonce’s SI pictures here