Blackberry World Edition

BlackBerry World Edition
Verizon has recently announced that they will be the first U.S. carrier of the BlackBerry 8831, known as the BlackBerry World Edition. If Your Pimpin is International like ours, you will understand the significance of this smart phone, as it is set up to ensure the same standards of reception and coverage in most populated areas of the world.Features include the usual smart phone capabilities, inclucing Bluetooth, Camera, Multimedia Player, Web Browser, CDMA and GSM coverage.It does not come equipped with Microsoft Mobile OS, so you will be on RIM BlackBerry OS, which DOES tend to fall short of the very best in web browsing capability, yet it definitely makes up with you consider the toll free 800 GLOBAL support number for you to complain about your gripes, which is what actually keeps the technology moving forward(Quality Assurance).

Verizon has a Cool Display Page that you definitely should check for more specifics.
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