The  BET AWARDS swepth through the City Of Angels this past weekend, and it was actually quite an enjoyable experience.We will be posting some footage from some of the festivities taking place in the city shortly.

In regards to the show itself…..
In Our Humble Opinion, the actual show seemed to reflect some form of a 2 Hour Video Ring Tone, if that makes any sense.A whole bunch of flash & hype but no actual substance, as if the stars in attendance were there because they felt they SHOULD BE, as opposed to because they WANTED TO BE.Not PIMPISH @ ALL!!!
So, next year, perhaps its time to step it up a bit.Monique, was definitely an upgrade from Damon Wayans, who hosted it last year.BIG MISTAKE…….
We CAN say, that one saving moment, was actually when LIL KIM hit the stage with Diddy and Keisha Cole.

There is the solution…… Let Lil Kim Host Next Years Show…..Then it can be OFFICIALLY PIMPHOP APPROVED.
See For Yourself.

PimpHop Perspective.
To Lil Kim…..
Diddy is a Good dude to work with, yet tends to have his hands tied with a few different projects.
We Aint Mad, yet
PimpHop is the Solution for getting you that right look and focus to bring the game back to where it needs to go, with YOU ON TOP OF IT!!!
You Gotta Do A Lil Time to Get The Numbers Up…Ask Paris.
Get @ Us…