Saggin Is Against The Law?

Recently, an alarming trend has emerged as many major “URBAN” areas are currently drafting legislation to outlaw sagging pants, with many more cities considering the same measures.
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PimpHop Perspective
Personally, I don’t find the idea of sagging pants as a desirable style of dress (For Males), yet again it IS my personal opinion and preference.
I DO,very much DETEST the idea, that movies that depict
Adult African American males, dressed up as a women, i.e.

Tyler Perry

Jamie Fox

Eddie Murphy

The Wayans Brothers

Martin Lawrence

are perfect and acceptable ideal images for young people to shape their identities with.
I would have to conclude that the Majority Rules, as “MINORITIES” are not in positions of power to dictate the imagery and ideals being consumed by the masses.

OH Wait, on second thought.
This IS, a Fully Functional Minority Owned and Operated Media Company, with ADVANCED publishing & distribution capabilities!!!
We’ve Got WOMEN SAGGIN THEIR PANTS as an added bonus!!!
Well, there goes THE NEIGHBORHOOD.
So….Where Do We Go From Here??

See You At The Top.