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Q:Welcome To Planet PimpHop! Please go ahead and introduce yourself to out viewers.

A: My name is Nakadia. I am a DJ and producer from Thailand, touring around the world most time of the year.

Q:Please go ahead and tell us how your year has been so far.

A:Very very busy. I just come home again after a 6 months tour around Europe. 6 month away from home is really too long. In this time I also setup my own label K-Dia that I run out of Berlin, Germany and my first release is going really well. So the year was very hard but extremely successful so far.

Q:How did you get your start as a world renowned D.J.?

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A: I never planned this. I just love music, I bought turntables and started playing around 5-6 years ago. After it all happened so quickly and so unexpected. I think the main part of my early success was a promotion campaign by the major DJ-bag company UDG. The bags are produced in Thailand, so they found me and made a promo campaign with me…worldwide! That make me break through really quickly.

Q:How many countries have you performed in, and out of those, what are your 3 favorite destinations to travel to?

(Nakadia In Geneva , Switzerland)

A: So far I have played 42 countries. This year alone already 34 countries so far. My favorites are Italy, Latvia (ex-Russia) and Switzerland. People really like to party in these countries!

Q:What are 3 obstacles that you have encountered, and what did you do to overcome them?

A: Its always the same – many people don’t think a girl can DJ. Some men in this industry are just too jealous and cant get over it that they don’t have boobs ;-) For me the other, more serious problem is the visa situation. I need a visa for nearly every country. But that also means I need to plan the times to apply and the places where I can apply for this booking. That is more difficult than getting the bookings. This is for example the reason why I have not been to the United States yet – I can only apply for the visa in Bangkok, but I am never in Bangkok! At least not long enough.

Q:Many here in the states have a dream of visiting Thailand.Please tell us what the main attraction and buzz is all about for your homeland.

A: Thailand is beautiful, the people are friendly (most times) and we have the most beautiful beaches. It is cheap to live in Thailand and for the men it is a paradise. For every Thai man there are 7 girls! Thai food is amazing and the quality of life is so good that most people who come visit like to stay for ever.

Q:Are the women as ummmm, “FRIENDLY” as many claim the women of Thailand to be?

A: Always – but you need to find out 2 important things as a man… does this girl only want my money or is she real. And second – is it a real girl !?

Q:What are 5 places to go or things to do in Thailand, that a person would not want to miss out on when traveling there?

A: It depends what your personal taste is. If you are into clubbing and unlimited fun – you stay in Bangkok and sleep all day (its too hot in the day). If you have enough money you should not foget to go on the state tower and have at least a drink on the open air roof on the 66 floor. If you are into beaches and relaxing, you go to the islands in the gulf of Thailand: Koh Samui, Koh Pangan, Koh Tao. The north of Thailand is also very beautiful and there the people are the most pure and friendly. No crimes and everybody will help you with almost anything.

Q:A few of your photos show that you are a luxury automobile enthusiast. What type of vehicles to you use most frequently when at home?


A: My little Vespa scooter! Thats all. I live in Koh Samui and the island is so small – no need for a car. When I am on tour I love the new Audi TT or Mercedes SLK. Especially driving in Germany with speed 250km/h ! (something like 160 miles)

Q:Here is an extremely important question. When I make my way over to Thailand, will you come and pick me up from the Airport, and act as my tour guide during my stay?


A: If you come after 2020 I think it will not be a problem – but I will be old and ugly by then ;-) I think my schedule is full for the next years – but if you see the other Thai girls, you will forget about me anyway…

Q:Nakadia, traveling to so many countries is admirable. How are you able to communicate with so many individuals in different countries where they speak different languages?

A: Now its more easy because I speak English by now. When I started DJing I also just started to learn English, so for the first 2 years all I got to hear was “sorry – what did you say ?” The whole world is speaking English and when I go to France I take my tour manager from there who speaks French!

Q: Have you ever traveled to the U.S? If so, where and when?

A: Never – One day I will get my visa and visit all the friends and fans I already have over there and play all the clubs that have requested me already. I cant wait…

Q:What is your favorite thing about the U.S.

A: That movie stars can become presidents!

Q:Has and the internet in general benefited you in your global ventures?

A: Absolutely. This Myspace filled up my schedule to the maximum. I even cut out my real website at the moment.

Q:What are your plans for the rest of 2008 and beyond?

A: At the moment I am relaxing a little at home and working on my album. In November I start my new world tour and I am just switching all my music from vinyl to laptop – so there is a lot of work to do.

Q:Do they listen to or like Hip Hop culture in Thailand?

A: Thailand is 90% hip hop in nightlife. Its all pretty commercial stuff, but Thais love it. Just last night I went to an opening of a new club where 3000 people went crazy to hip hop. Unfortunately Thai people are not really into house. Only a few exceptions, but most people at my gigs in Thailand are Europeans. Sometimes it makes me sad that I cant make the people of my own country happy with my sounds. They have a long way to go until they understand instrumental electronic music

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