New Sean John Suit (LAW SUIT) Settled

In The news.
Hip Hop Mogul Sean Combs AKA P-Diddy and his legal team have settled out of court in regards to a civil laws suit filed against him for an alleged assault incident that took place in 2007 at an Oscar party at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. Details of the settlement are under wraps as of current press time. Perspective.

Mr. Combs, while some folks are quite deserving of an old fashioned ass whupin on occasion, we ask that when you are out here on the set, you RESPECT THE GAME by using your words to problem solve ,like The Pimpin is supposed to. The dispute is said to have revolved around a young actress who was with the accuser at the time of the event.
The Rules Are As Follows.
A.Hand Her A Business Card
B.Let Her Choose

Anything Else is UNCIVILIZED , which leads to CIVIL SUITS, taking away funds from bank accounts, in an already slumping economy.
Keep It Business!!