Computerized Telekinesis

The Future Is Now.
Companies in the Silicone Valley region of California have brought the ancient idea of telekinesis to life through the use of digital technology.

the power to move something by thinking about it without the application of physical force

A company by the name of Neurosky is leading the way in this technology by developing tools and applications which allow users to move objects on a digital monitor simply by concentrating and focusing attention on an object. A miniature device, borrowed from the medical industry and applied in consumer technology, monitors brainwaves and and translates them into computer code which allows movement and control of objects on the monitor.

They are also developing technology which allows telekinetic control of robots which could assist in aiding the handicapped and elderly.

For now, the applications are geared towards video game users, and are scheduled to hit the market in the very near future for video games as well as mobile phones.