Isaac Daniel- Time To Go GPS In The Sneakers

Yes indeed, we are well aware that the whole sneakerhead phenomenon has swept the planet at an alarming rate WAY LATE to DATE, with all of the hype based upon styles “BORROWED”from urban youths who simply make something where there once was nothing in regards to trends.

Leave it to your Friendly Neighborhood to influence the people to STEP IT UP TO THE NEXT EPISODE, and I do mean LITERALLY.

Look, Listen, & Learn!

Nike, Reebok, Adidas, New Balance, Bathing Ape, Greedy Genius, etc., all officially YESTER-YEARS Athletic Foot-Gear,
In 2008, the time has come to go ISAAC DANIEL on the game, so remember where you heard the name first.

Set for release any day now, is the Isaac Daniel line GPS enabled footwear!
Our best estimates show that Mr. Daniel perhaps grew a bit tiresome from watching news reports about hikers and explorers getting lost in the wilderness and saddened by the kidnapping of young children, and decided to provide a SOLUTION.
This new brand of footwear with an exclusive patent was engineered by Mr. Daniel, with a built in GPS tracking device, the fits inside the sole of the shoe, with an activate button located on the outside heel.

Looks like this shoe will primarily be slated for obvious uses first , such as military, police & fire departments, as well as public officials, in addition to hikers, children, and the elderly who may suffer from memory loss.

Then there is the next category, which relates to those in a type of relationship or circumstance which requires someone else to keep track of them, such as possessive relationships, and or parole/probation candidates.

Lastly, and most importantly, is the Approved Product Line Followers, who now know that if you were to invest between$300-$400 in to a pair of athletic footwear, the PIMP thing to do would obviously be to elevate your technology game simultaneously.
The GPS system is global 24-7, and is rumored to be Bluetooh enabled along with a microphone, which could indicate that this new technology in the next few years may very well have you speaking to people straight from the SHOE-HORN!

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